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Slot Enchant System : Elven Ears

News 2019-02-13 16:46:06

Update "Slot Enchant : Elven Ear" system in server
Players can enchant socket in the middle headgear

Crafting Material
- Zeny 20,000,000
- Elven Ear 1 ea (Obtained from Giearth)
- Auger of Spirit 1 ea (Buyable in Cash Shop in 4,990 KP)


How to Slot Enchant
- Talk with NPC: Piercing Exper at Prontera (149, 62)

- Prepare the item ingredient then choose "Yes, I will." for the start of slot enchanting.

- Slot Enchant have the chance of 5% to succeed. If you have failed in the slot enchanting "Zeny, Elven Ear, Auger of Spirit" you will lose it from your inventory.

- If you succeeded the Slot Enchant, you will get the Elven Ear [1] 1 ea.