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[Quest] Baphomet Orb Quest

News 2019-01-09 12:15:46

[Quest] Baphomet Orb Quest

The Prontera Priest Association is in need of help. In exchange, they will be rewarding adventurers with EXP and proof of their strength and bravery. This event starts from today until February 7, 2019


  • Start : January 9, 2019 (After the Maintenance)
  • End : February 7, 2019 (Before the Maintenance)

Event Conditions

  • Players will have different quests depending on their level
  • Quest 1 (Gathering Baphomet Orb) is a repeatable quest with a 2-hr cooldown
  • Quest 2 (Alisha’s Chemical Brewing) is a repeatable quest with no cooldowns.
  • Once selected, these quests will be visible in your quest window.

                        Alisha can be found at Prontera (148, 193).

Quest 1: Gathering Baphomet Orb

Alisha wants you to hunt and kill monsters. By killing monsters, Alisha will be able to get more Baphomet souls which she turns into Baphomet orbs. Doing this quest will give you Base and Job EXP as well as Baphomet Orbs. The amount of EXP and Orbs will depend on your level.

After completely killing all the monsters, go back to Alisha. She will provide EXP and Orbs depending on your level.

Quest 2: Alisha’s Chemical Brewing