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Ragnarok Online is making a comeback in the Philippines

Press 2017-06-30 10:12:29

It’s official! Ragnarok Online is definitely making a comeback in the Philippines. The announcement was made during the Ragnarok Festival event last May 7, 2017. The event was jam-packed with players who want to know more about Ragnarok Online’s upcoming re-launch. In addition, attendees were able to view gaming and cosplay competitions, rock band performances and more.

Electronics Extreme Ltd., and ELITE are the publishing companies behind the relaunching of Ragnarok online. Specifically, Electronics Extreme currently owns the publishing rights to Ragnarok Online and ELITE is its Philippine publishing partner.

You can now download the client of the server on their WEBSITE. However, the Ragnarok Online server will be launched on June 20, 2017. You may check their Facebook page for future announcements.

Philippine Server Information

  • Protected by EasyAntiCheat
  • The server will be F2W (Free to Win) – All key items are available in-game
  • Revo-classic will be the starting episode
  • Class start will be 2-1: It will be up to Knight, Wizard, Hunter, Blacksmith, Assassin, and Priest.

  • The World Map – Morroc Town Return
  • All monsters return to the original spawn point. Ignore level differences between Player and Monsters (Renewal Feature).
  • Class 2 – 2 ( Lord Knight, High Wizard, Sniper, Mastersmith, Assassin Cross, High Priest) to be out within 6 months after the launch of the server. High class will be open within 1 to 2 years.
  • Extreme Competition – Electronics Extreme announce that they will be bringing back Ragnarok World Championship.
  • There will be two (2) servers of Ragnarok Online. Server Thor and Server Loki.
  • Guild War will start during the first 3 weeks of the server launch.
  • There will be custom events for the Philippines.
  • Gold items will be out soon.
  • And lastly, the Item Mall will not offer any IMBA cash items.

Game Website and Social Media Information

Website – ragnarokonline.com.ph

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/RagnarokOnline.com.ph/


Author: Klager

Original Source: Gamegeek